To identify and pursue strategies in order to generate financial pressure on the Sudanese regime to end their campaign of genocide in Darfur and to end the financial complicity of public and private instututions around the globe in genocide.

The Divestment Campaign Committee meets Sundays at 5pm in Quincy Dining Hall. For more information, contact:

Manav Bhatnagar (bhatnag@fas)--Research coordinator
Katie Berndtson (berndts@fas)--Private Sector coordinator
Ben Collins (bcollins@fas)--Campus outreach coordinator
Vikram Viswanathan (viswanat@fas)--Legislative coordinator (Massachusetts)
Chad Hazlett (chadhazlett@gmail.com)--Legislative coordinator (Nationwide

Harvard Action

    1. Divestment of State Pension Funds from Sudan
  • Coordinate lobbying for Massachusetts's pending divestment bill
  • Encourage students who live/go to college in other states to gettheir representatives to sponsor divestment legislation
    2. Research team
  • Compile a list of companies doing business in sudan with supporting documentation.
    3. Divestment of University Pension Funds from Sudan
  • Create online resources for campus activism (do-it-yourself kit, FAQ's, sample letters etc...)
  • Outreach efforts at other universities considering divestment
    4. Divestment of Private Financial Institutions/Funds from Sudan
  • Research Team- Investigate strategies and precedents for encouraging private sector firms to divest
  • Message Team- Contact financial institutions and fund managers
    and encourage them to divest from Sudan
  • Press Team- monitor financial press (Forbes, Barron's etc...) and encourage them to balance any stock recommendations on companies doing business in Sudan with the full story on their involvement in state-sponsored genocide.
Darfur Action Group